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    On a regular basis, when I get an SMS text message it causes my Treo 650 to reset. The biggest pain/problem (other than having to wait for the Treo to reset) is that I don't know who sent the text each time and what it said, so I miss texts and have friends who assume I got a text when I didn't. I have Sprint. Is there anywhere (online in my MySprint account for example) that I can find these phantom text messages after my phone resets?
    Well, it isn't perfect and it makes me crazy, but I still do love my Treo!
    Sprint Treo 650 CDMA
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    Not much you can do. Normally, your phone co. may resend the SMS but not always the case. If your online account generates list of SMS messages as part of their unpaid charges, that would be the other source.
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    first, i think you need to upgrade your firmware. go to palm's site and find the upgrade available for your carrier. next try to contact your network and request them to resend those "phantom" text messages you missed. maybe they'll humor you, maybe they won't. but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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