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    I am looking to get a Palm-type PDA. I have had a 600 and 650 before but I've not used one in a while.

    I've read about some of the Palm phones not answering calls when the signal is weak. I absolutely hate that problem and the bottom line is that I want whichever Palm phone is the BEST at answering in weak areas.

    I'm willing to try a Centro, a 700w or any of the currrent or last-generation treos to get one that CONSISTENTLY answers.

    The feature set is important, but not nearly as important as a consistently strong radio. If there is a treo model that has a rock-solid radio that will rarely miss inbound calls, PLEASE let me know. I'll probably pick up a used/refurb until my contract is up at the end of the year and get something new like the PRE.

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    I dunno about the weak signal/missed calls thing-I live in a very strong signal area and haven't ever run into the situation as far as I've known- but I can tell you that the Centro has the strongest reception antenna of any phone I've ever used. My wife, sister, and I all have (well, had for me ) Centros and at bonfires/parties/whatever way out in the country, we're always the only ones with signals-including other Sprint users.
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    I have had a Treo 700P and the Centro. The Centro is superior to the 700P for signal pickup. I live in Houston and don't miss calls now with the Centro.
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    Might depend more on the service than the phone, but on Verizon, this is the best I've had with coverage. That said, I've been driving in usual areas and had it send a call to VM...never even rang! Bizarre. I've had that with every phone I've ever had, btw, so it's not unique to the Centro. Has it been less? Can't say. Only been once or twice since Feb.
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    Just back from a week in Williamsburg Virgibia, with an AT&T Centro. Had wild signal swings from NO SIGNAL to 3+ bars.

    The catch here, is that my daughter was always able to get a signal with her Motorola V3XX - the Centro was a distant "second best".


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