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    Well my Treo 650, which I have been using for quite a few years, was quite beat up. The paint was chipped at all the edges, the chrome around the screen was rubbing off.. and the phone was giving a very ugly look. But I love the functionality of my Treo, and on it have many medical programs, games, mp3s, documents etc that make my life a lot easier. So I decided to do a little "surgery" and am happy to report a complete success!

    The old Treo 650

    You can clearly see the worn out chrome around the screen, specially the left side.

    So this is what makes my Treo tick!

    The workshop and the equipment

    Treo 650 Black tie.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the new Treo 650 (Black Tie Replica)

    The back
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    Wow, great paint job. How did you do the D pad? Those wears out a lot.
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    did the same thing to my treo 600 and gave it to my girlfriend. nice paint job. some treo 650 users here in my part of the world has also done the same thing and all with stunning results.

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