I am in the process of exporting data from desktop 4.2 for the purpose of backing it up in an external hard drive. I followed the Palm support instructions to the letter....

Launched Desktop
Selected user name
Opened DT component that I wanted to export i.e. Address
Selected export from pulldown menu
Named the file and designated it to go to a desktop folder (from folder would then send to hard drive)
Selected .csv for export type
Selected all for range
Clicked export and off it went

Here is the problem. When I opened the desktop file, there it was with my file name "Address Backup" and the letters aba. after it. Underneath it says ABA FILE 3327kb. When I click it, the promt "Windows cannot open this file", comes up. I am sure you experts know the rest.
Bottom line question...how do I make the export and all exports work in order to put them into a backup hard drive?

Any input would be appreciated....Thanks