I just received a "brand new" 755P from Sprint to replace the third refurb that didn't work properly.

After syncing with Entourage on my Mac using The Missing Sync and activating the phone, I was checking the installed apps to see which, if any needed serial numbers to be replaced.

As I scrolled down I saw an app labeled D.C. and, not recognizing it, I opened it and saw "Welcome to DeviceCustomizer" along with a bunch of other incomprehensible crap.

It mentions an SD card "No SD card found previously." and goes on to say "Extracting database from resource. Install DUL lib error is 539"

It goes on with more meaningless, to me, stuff.

It won't quit when I hit any button and I found that the only way to force it to quit is to do a soft reset by removing the battery.

Can anyone tell me:

what D.C. is, where did it come from, do I need it and will it hurt anything if I trash it?

When I think about it, I do remember seeing it on my previous 755P and deleting it when I was having a problem syncing and getting an error message saying that I had too little memory available and that I should try deleting some apps. D.C. was the first to go and then the problem disappeared.

I just can't figure out how it came to be installed on my phone in the first place.

Thanks for any info that sheds a light on this mystery for me.