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    i have loved and used fireviewer for my movies and pictures.
    well i am trying out ActiveSky, dude it bites smelly booty.

    just wondering what others use for there movies!
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    I use gMovie player and convertor to view pictures, (free with Memplug) and TealMovie to view videos off my smartmedia card.
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    I registered TealMovie awhile back because of its support of sound. Now, wth my modified Prism (I put a headphone jack in it), the movies are actually watchable ("listenable" I guess would be more accurate), especially a few TV shows converted over and stored on my Memplug.
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    I use gMovie program that came with my Memplug SM.

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    active sky has been banished from my edge now i am testing out sound. i wish fireviewer would have sound
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    TealMovie is by far the best of em. Fireviewer is decent in the silent movie player space.
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    Ok tealmovie it is...but no the isssue is can i move it to smartmedia or compflash? which will give me less problems. cause ya know there will be problems!!!!
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    TealMovie has VFS support so if your Visor is VFS enabled you should have no problems.

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