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    QuickOffice $40
    HanDBase $40
    MemoPlus $20
    FAFileMover $10
    MultiMail Pro $40
    Palm Print $30

    Purchased and regret:
    PeditPro $30 (too many code commands for my tiny brain)
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    I'll check Quicken tonight, and see what I've spent on Palm apps; I'd bet it will be around $200-$250 over the last year and a half.

    In general, I'd say I've gotten enormous bang for my buck -- Datebk4, BackupBuddy, WordSmith, SplashMoney, and ThinkDB. (I've also gotten some great apps for free (or for the price of a postcard, like HandyShopper).

    The only ones that I regret buying are:
    • IrLink: Bought it to allow my VDX to IrSynch to my PC at work, since OS 3.1 doesn't have this built-in. Never worked very well, and had a lot of hassles with other software.
    • QuickOffice: Really disliked QuickWrite from the get-go, and when WordSmith came out, it was totally blown away. I continue to use QuickSheet, mostly for very seamless CSV syncing on my PC and a good conduit, but tinysheet and minicalc are looking much the better buys these days.
    • I'm betting I bought a game at some point that wasn't up to snuff, but I've long since ditched it.

    A pretty good record out of ~20 software purchases!
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    Wow, My wife thinks I spend too much money on my Visor, let me see...

    +Datebk4 $24
    +BugMe $15
    -QuickOffice $40
    +WordSmith $20
    +ThinkDB $30
    +Vivonic Fitness $50
    -Diet Assistant $20
    +Daynotes $15
    +Bonsai $24
    -Shadow $12
    -Clock+ $20
    +PalmPrint $40
    +PrintBoy Deluxe $30
    -BDicty $20
    +Smoothy $20
    -Yoga $3
    -Launch-em $15
    -SilverScreen $20
    +Popup Names $10
    +Popup Note $10
    -CreationZone Alrms $10

    + = Still loaded
    - = Not loaded

    Hmmmm over $400 OUCH!!

    "Regrets, I've had a few. But then again, too few to mention"

    I think I have a problem.
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    Not more than 50 bux, between Travel Tracker and SilverScreen. I don't regret either. Silver is more eye candy than functionality, but I really prefer its interface over the stock launcher. Travel Tracker is indispensable when I hop from city to city, since I have a hard time keeping track of multiple printed itineraries. It's a lot easier to have all my confirmation and flight numbers stored in one small, easily accessible place.
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    I purchased Quo Vadis since I was in dire need of a GOOD mapping program. While the program is quite good, current Palm-driven devices just aren't good to use with this program. It PALES in comparison to Microsoft Streets on a Phillips Nino (years ago)
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    $600 and counting....
    Cingular 680
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    How much? Too much!

    Verichat - $25/year
    PDANet - $35
    Loan Wizard Pro - $25 I think
    Pocket Quicken - $40
    Zuma - $20
    SlovoEd - $7
    Resco Backup - $15
    BTPrint Pro - $25
    Datebk5 - $25?
    Navman SmartSt Pro - $131 (didn't like it, but still use the GPS receiver)
    TomTom Navigator 5 - $235 with BT GPS receiver.

    I think that's it.

    Purchased before the Treo, and no longer use:
    FastCPU - $10 or $15
    Megalauncher - $15
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    Too much to easily count at the moment. My best purchases (by far) are Datebk5, Bonsai, and Daynotez.

    The only one that I regret is LightWav. That program was by far the buggiest code I've seen on the PalmOS, the support is absolutely horrible, and developer has come off online (especially here) as particularly sleazy. I don't regret spending money on programs that I don't use any more (generally), since I did use them at one time. I do regret having given money to Toysoft.
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    The only program I've bought at all was a the Palm Version of 'Galaga' for $14.95 . Great progam but I deleted it after two weeks when I decided life was too short to be wasted by playing video games. Other than that, I've spent nada so far, but I have evaluated a lot of programs.

    A few years back, I probably spent a couple hundred dollars on software for my pocketpc and barely used most of the software. Having learned, I am now very stingy when it comes to buying software for a PDA. It has to be really useful before I will open my wallet. Many of the programs (splashphoto, zlauncher) seem to be little more than glorified skins for most users.

    It's kind of curious - the software people are raving about in this thread aren't generally the same ones in the '6 programs I couldn't live w/o' thread, and vice versa.
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