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    Is it just me or have others noticed that Blazer isn't able to handle many more web sites lately than before (not mobile sites). I am having trouble with CNN Money, Investors Bus. Daily, certain Yahoo pages, etc. Sites I neve had problems with in the past. I have to determine if it's just my phone or a general problem with the Centro/ Blazer.
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    Flash is the biggest problem I have. More and more sites are using it. I try to stick with mobile sites when I can.
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    And the more graphics on the site, the worse the Blazer experience will be
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    I'm javing to switch between Blazer and Opera Mini a lot more these days. due to the flash issue
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    I just installed Opera Mini and have mixed succuess with it. Nowhere near as shortcut friendly as Blazer but certainly some sites at least load fully that Blazer has trouble with. I just wish there was a better solution within Blazer.
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    You have hit the brick wall we experience when support and develeopment for a system stops. Want something better? Then one has to move on.
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    Keep playing with Blazer's settings...there's a good tutorial around here on that, and I rarely have trouble now. Usually, if it tells me a site won't load, I just refresh it and it pops up.

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