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    I am a treo vet that has been hit with a problem I can't fix.

    I have a reset loop. This error message: datamgr.c, Line:7642 Phone

    I do not have any 3rd party software.
    I haven't added anything.
    I have tried adding apps 1 by 1.
    Everything makes my treo reset loop when I sync back after hard reset.

    Downloaded new palm desktop. Checked databases. Nothing.

    I have dbfixit, but have no idea what to fix.

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    There is obviously a corrupt database in your backup folder (I think).

    You would be best to rename the backup folder on your computer, usually in the palm folder somewhere, and then hotsync, changing the sync option to desktop overwrites handheld (or else all your data will disappear, if the handheld overwrites desktop).

    You could also visit Go Treo Software, Inc. - Support, which offers a great way to troubleshoot a reset loop.

    Good luck. I hope this helps.

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