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    I have Expedia to Go as an Avantgo channel. At some point within the last week, an Expedia icon appeared in my Visor Deluxe's "Unfiled" category that takes me directly to the Expedia to Go pages in Avantgo. Has anybody else experienced this? It must be a new "feature" of Avantgo.
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    Yeah, I got that too. I tried deleting it from the handheld but it came back. I have not gone to the site to sign up for an account, though.
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    Yea. I got that too, and I can't get rid of it either. Leave it to Microsoft. They want to dominate every desktop...
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    This is a very odd thing that only seems to happen to some of us. I can not figure out what triggers it though. I download Avantgo and installed it on my visor as well as my wife's. We both have the same model visor (Prism), same version of avantgo, and it was installed on both of our handhelds on the same day. One day I was messing around on hers and say the Epedia icon and asked her about it, she thought I put it there (lol). The funny thing is, one never appeared on my visor as well as a some friends of mine. Until now I thought it had only happenned to my wife. She rarely used Avantgo so I just deleted the program all together.
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    The icon is tied to the Expedia channel. You must remove the channel (not AvantGo) to get rid of the icon.
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    You must remove the channel (not AvantGo)
    Hey WM5051 I removed Avantgo from my wife's Prism because she rarely used it. Not because of the Problem she was having. I know how to add/remove and create custom channels. I appreciate any help from anyone but I feel a little insulted. Avantgo is still running on my own pda. I do not have the MSN channel anymore (I removed it) but if I remember correctly, the Expedia channel is part of the msn package. I don't think it has it's own separate channel to remove. Does anyone subscribe to the msn channel? Is there a separate channel for it? doesn't Expedia come with msn or can you remove it independently?
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    Sorry ILC- it was not my intent to insult you.

    Expedia does have its own channel. it has more features than the MSN version. MSNBC also has its own channel separate of the MSN channel. These entities operate on both levels.

    It is my understanding that the expedia icon is only associated with the expedia channel, not the MSN channel. If anyone is getting something else I would be surprised.

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