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    Has anyone had any experience with myWorkBench It claims to work like Windows Explorer--launching applications from the file directory (either from the application or from the associated database), backup to a memory card, move, copy & delete files, view RAM and memory card directories in split screen, BUT, more importantly, allows:

    1. AvantGo to be maintained on a memory card, and automatically syncs the updated databases.

    2. Syncs other databases modified in RAM with databases on memory card.

    3. This may be a work around for applications with databases on cards that must be modified.
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    I tried it on my 2Mb Visor with Memplug SM module. I does partially work for me. I could launch one of me games from the card, but it first gave me a message that there was not enough memory (which was not the case), but then it did launch. As on this Visor it can't show icons, I am not too impressed by it as a launcher in terms of GUI. I also tried to use it to copy files from card to card (a feature missing up to now in all card utilities for PalmOs 3.1 Visors) it did copy the file to the selected directory, but then it did hang and I had to do a soft reset. So it looks that there are still some bugs to be ironed out.

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