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    Where is a good place to get ebooks? And do you have a Reader preference? What about memory expansion to store books on? I have a VDX with about 3Meg available. Comments?
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    For the greenscale Visors, CSpotRun is bar none the best reader for PalmDoc ebooks. I recommend looking into FontHack for use with this program. Also, you should get a CompactFlash or Smart Media adaptor. I have tested the MemPlug CF with CSpotRun, and any of the Kopsis adaptors ("") will likely be able to somehow work with CSpotRun (is there a version of it out there that supports VFS?)

    Here's one excellent place to download books:

    There are several apps out there that will convert from text or html to PalmDoc format.

    Additionally, alt.ebooks (or alt.e-books, I forget the actual name) and file sharing services such as Kazaa and Gnutella are excellent places to download ebooks, though sometimes those places are used for illegal distribution of copyrighted products.
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    The FAFileMover program that is part of the suite of programs that Kopsis produces for CF Adapters like the Innopocket adapters has a plug-in version of CSpotRun that reads the docs off the CF.

    As to sites - is good and has one of the most comprehensive lists of readers and converters I've found. Also, check out the Freeebooks group on yahoogroups. There should be a recent post in the archives that lists dozens of e-books sites. As far as paying for things and getting some recent popular releases, check out (Palm purchased it earlier this year).
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    I have a MemPlug SM that does great. I use CSpotRun for DOC books. I also use Mobipocket and iSilo.

    If you like Science Fiction or Fantasy, go to Baen Library. They have some free books that are part of some of their series. They also have a subscription service that allows you to purchase books before they are release in printed form.
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    Memoware is a great place to find free/public domain e-books and stories. Most of the fiction stuff tends to be older, hence public domain and free, but it's a great way to catch up on all those classics you've always meant to check out.

    As for readers, I'm partial to PeanutReader (or whatever it's called now that Palm owns it) because it lets you switch the screen orientation sideways, so that the up and down scroll buttons become left and right. It's a psychological improvement for me, because suddenly it's like flipping left and right through pages, not just scrolling up and down a big long text file. Silly, I know, but I like it.

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    Memoware is the defacto standard repository for Palm ebooks. As for reading on a Palm device...that's always been a sore issue with me because of the low resolution and pixelated fonts. But the doc reader that I have fallen in love with is DeepReader. It makes text appear as Anti-Aliased True Type fonts. It looks beautiful on my M505. Go to for the download.

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    I normally use WordSmith as my doc reader - it works fine.

    In terms of sites, my current favorite is Fictionwise, which as a very good collection of short stories and novellas, primarilly sci-fi, but with some other genres as well.
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    [Moderator: Do not post links to copyrighted material that is pirated]

    __________For eBooks in Public Domain______________

    And of course, there's always the newsgroups:

    I use isilo to read. Compacts the books smaller then most formats. Isiloweb does an excellent job converting files or web pages for isilo. And last time I checked both programs were still free.

    If anyone else has any other links besides these I'm sure we'd all like to hear about them. Thanks.
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    You may want to check out Read Them All. It has a unique auto-scroll / teleprompter mode that is by far the easiest to read.
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    Franklin, which of course makes its own reader and software, has added a huge amount of free documents that can be downloaded as text documents.
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    Wow, no one's mentioned Project Gutenberg yet.

    Yeah, they have to be converted, but there are dozens of utilities to do that for you.
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    Originally posted by sowens
    Wow, no one's mentioned Project Gutenberg yet.

    Yeah, they have to be converted, but there are dozens of utilities to do that for you.
    If you don't restrict this to PDF sites -- there are probably millions of sites that have books available on them -- even by html. Almost no limit to what you want to put on your PDA if you are willing to convert or just read regular text files with a simple reader.
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    Hi All,
    A "Cool Plug" - My web page have some free eBooks for Palm devices.

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    Originally posted by ByronC
    Hi All,
    A "Cool Plug" - My web page have some free eBooks for Palm devices.

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    Originally posted by flips13

    Byron -

    You ought to add a hyperlink to the image in your sig.
    Hello Flips13,
    I just did, thanks for the suggestion

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