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    If we created the Visor User Awards, what would you nominate as the Best Software for the Visor?

    In the (so far non-existant) Games category, I would nominate BackGammon 3.1- free, small, easy, and challenging.

    Utilities: I use FAFileMover the most, but I guess that counts more as a Module than a utiltiy software. Handmark's SuperUtility is another one I use a lot! My vote would have to go to Launcher III 3.0! Free (in beta), easy, full of features, small, fast, and fun to use.

    Applications/Productivity: WordSmith, Diddlebug, or Iambic's Action Names Datebook... Action Names is the one I could not live without, so that gets my nomination.

    Other: Out of all the other things I use a lot, I guess AvantGo would get the nomination.

    What would YOU vote for or add to the list?
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    Best utilities: action names, wordsmith and shadow plan

    best games: vexed and dopewars and bejeweled

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    Well thats a difficult proposition. The Visorcentral awards are limited to the those modules and applications that were released in the past year. You are asking about the best applications of all time. I can't do that. I can' pick just one, even in each catagory but here goes.

    Games: Bejeweled or Zap!2000 (either way, Astraware gets it)
    Utility: StubMaker (program is a god send for programs, with a conduit, that are on external memory

    Launcher: Launcher III

    Productivity Application: Datebk4, Wordsmith, BugMe! Messenger, or ThinkDB

    Module Applications: FAFileMover or PiDirect

    VFS-enabled App: JPGView

    Mapping Program: Mapopolis

    Science App: Planetarium

    Freeware App: YAUC

    Other: Avantgo

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