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    Anyone used this yet? I'm wondering how it compares to WordSmith, which I love. FastWriter looks nice, but looks aren't everything! I want to know how it works.

    Maybe someone from Visor Central can write a comparison article.

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    I've tried FastWriter on a very limited basis. The main difference between it and WordSmith is that FW doesn't show on-screen fonts of varying sizes. The formatting does transfer properly to the desktop during a sync.
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    My tests with FW have shown it to be extremely slowwwwww. A very small document is not snappy by any stretch, and especially not compared to WordSmith. A 400K doc file takes about one minute to open. WordSmith I find to be almost instantaneous, even on large docs. I use mostly multipage MS Word docs and ebooks (docs) on my prism with Targus kbd. I'm using a stock Prism (no processor speed enhancement), with memplug 128mg SM. I tested FW running directly from RAM. I've not tried it from SM card.
    I was so impressed by the iambic office info--great ~looking~ bundle for a great price, but based on the test of the FW, I'll pass for now. Completely unusable IMO. Back to WS.
    Would someone consider doing a feature/performance comparison on Iambic office; quickoffice; dataviz??

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