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    Which of the Palm chess games out do you all reccomend? I am new to the game if that makes a difference.
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    Originally posted by slotmachine
    Which of the Palm chess games out do you all reccomend? I am new to the game if that makes a difference.
    I recommend ChessGenius. You can't go wrong with it and it's worth the money.
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    I have Chess Genius and I like it. I tried the trial version of Pocket Chess and it is good also. It really does not matter. I recommend downloading a few different ones and go with the one you like best.

    As you might have guessed - I am a chess fanatic - so if you have any other questions about good sites to play at or whatever just post it here and I will be happy to help. (my picture is from Chessmaster 5000)
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    Has anyone tried Chess Tiger yet?
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    Hey chesswrangler, could you post some of those chess sites? What I'm really looking for is one that can help me learn openings and stratagie.
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    Chess sites and my reviews:

    Pogo - if you have ever played any games at Pogo, you know what to expect here. Mostly kids and non-serious players. Interface is pretty good. No online lessons, but you could chat with people to learn.

    Kasparov Chess - I like this site. It has lots of good players and some learning opportunities(some free, some not). It hosts chess events and the latest chess news. Interface is ok.

    MSN Gaming - This site is Ok. You have to download the interface but it plays good. There is not much learning opprotunity and players are hit and miss (mostly miss).

    Yahoo games - I don't like this site very well. The Interface takes a long time to load and it is full of kids. No learning opportunities, and the kids are mostly rude.

    Actually, I have found that most of the free sites like: Yahoo, Lycos, Excite, and so on are about the same. Lots a kids with a few serious players. I recommend Kasparov or Pogo, but I would rather play at one of the following pay sites.


    US Chess LIVE - this is the site for US Chess Federation members (USCF). It has a good interface and lots of help, lectures, puzzles, etc. The players are better than most sites as you would expect, however there is fewer players than other sites. Cost is about $40 per year (just click "PLAY NOW")

    Internet Chess Club - ICC is in my opinion (and theirs) the best chess site on the web. It has all the features of the USCF site and more. More teaching, more players, more cost - about $55 per year

    I like the ICC a little better but I let my membership lapse when the USCF launched their site. I hope it will catch up to the ICC someday. Anyway, I ran a search on google and found several sites that I have never been to, so I can't speak to what else is out there but this should get you started.

    I hope this helps....
    - Don -
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