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    I got Launcher III 2.2 and it is awsome. (I just noticed it was 2.2 and not 3.0 although Palm Gear said it was 3.0 oh well freeware versus shareware freeware wins) and it is good even if you don't have a Memory Expansion Springboard. I love it .
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    I have been using Launcher III since I got a Memplug SM in August, when I had a VDX. At the time it was the only way to run programs on the card (though they were copied to RAM before they ran). After I got a Platinum, I kept Launcher III around because the launcher loaded faster with PiDirect than the built-in launcher. Now I have Launcher III 3.0. Its even better!. Now it makes stubs for programs in its own directory. Which is great! The built-in launcher now looks so foreign to me now I use Launcher III so much now.

    In summary, if you have a storage memory module, be it a Memplug or Kopsis software-based, I would definitely recommend getting Launcher III 3.0. If you don't, maybe you can find someone who has a copy of Launcher III 2.2 (or go ahead and get 3.0).

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    If you prefer the default launcher, all the apps you create "stubs" for in Laun. III show up in the default launcher as regualr apps. If you were to hand your visor to someone who didn't know what was going on, they would think all those apps are installed in RAM.
    Also, I found that these stubs have revived teh usefulness of McPhling, since all the VFS apps's stubbs show up in the recently used programs list. Very nice.
    These "stubs" are certainly the best, but not only, new feature of the updated launcher. Def. worth registering.

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