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    Anyone played this game? It's supposed to be a Diablo clone, I was wondering if it was worth the registration. The one comment on it I saw at Palmgear mentioned that it crashed too.
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    This review says that it is impressive, but takes up lotsa RAM and is very difficult to play. Expect to invest a lot of learning time.
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    I played the demo a little on my Visor Deluxe. It is probably more of a statement about my Deluxe, but it just wasn't fun to play the game in greyscale. There was not enough definition in the graphics and the words were hard to read (white, small, weird font letters on a dark background). It may be really cool on a Prism or Clie 610 and up though.
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    if i were you i would take a look at solskia, it is much better, and if you go to the developers desscussion board a new much better version should be out next year it think
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