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    I posted this at 1src but looks like no one reads that anymore..

    First off, Shadows for/and SkinUI is tha bomb! Love it through and through but...

    I don't know if it's the skin or SkinUI functionality, I posted this before but I understand you may not have known what I was talking about.

    Below are my problems with colour conflicts, is it just that SkinUI doesn't have access to the colour of that area? It seems that the built in Palm colour changer doesn't mod it either.
    Every first message is unreadable and every second is hard to read.
    A way to change the background of the week dialogue to black/grey?
    Numbers are unreadable..
    Titles are unreadable..

    I noticed that PalmRevolt has a more in-depth but less intuitive user colour mod dialogue (below).

    But it doesn't look like pRevolt reaches the untouchable section... to test, I changed all colours to bright ones...(below)

    Does anyone know what the code for the text in these sections is?

    Is there any way to access this background area, is it embeded in the skin? Maybe functionality could be added to SkinUI or use another program?

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    Basically yes, it is a SkinUI/PalmOS conflict, where certain texts & backgrounds in certain apps don't pull from the same color setting as 'normal' apps do; or-on the case of the Messaging light gray/dark gray that makes the light gray font unreadable-the color is set in & unchangeable.

    This is all because those apps were written with the intention of a dark-font-on-light-background color scheme in mind.

    There is, however, a workaround if you're willing to install a couple more apps and put in a few hours total tweaking lots of little things.

    Basically, when you find a 'problem app,' You will go into SkinUI, click the 'Apps' button, click 'Add,' select the app, then 'Configure,' and un-check the 'Colors' box.


    You'll go back and forth between the 'problem app' and Khroma until you find a nice looking setup. Then you'll save that Khroma theme (I always save it as the problem app's name to make it easier).


    Go into Apt, select that app, assign it the created Khroma theme & you should be good to go.

    Very confusing at first, I'm sure, but if you read through the thread here you should be able to figure it out. App links and some nice screenshots are included in that thread as well.
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    fstop, you need to write a Palm OS Bible (before it's too late). You know too much!
    You could just refer people to/quote 'insert item' chapter. It would save you a lot of hassle repeating yourself.

    Thank you!! Looks like it will be a uni mid year break project.

    Do you have photos of your decalgirl skin? There were no photos on her site.. I'm:
    - concerned about tackiness
    - interested to see how it surrounds curved edges
    - and how it handles the panel connections
    And are the flat hard app buttons lights covered over?

    Thanks again!
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    Thanks, it's always a pleasure to help

    This is all I have uploaded:

    I can take some up-close macro pics later to show you some of the great detail, but it's gotta wait cause it's bedtime But I can tell you this: Not tacky at all, it looks amazing. Gives it a real nice Treo Pro-type look, IMO. It's made to mold right to the curves of the phone, you can't even tell it's a sticker. It looks kinda heat-wrapped, real quality. The hard keylights, unfortunately are covered by the sticker & no light comes through. But no biggie, it's not like they're hard to find in the dark.

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