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    I got the Palm Emulater from Palm and was wondering how to transfer ROMS because everytime I do it it says Timeout on my Handspring How do I transfer the ROMS Thanks for your help
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    What operating system are you using on you desktop? Which cradle do you have, USB or serial? If USB, see this thread.
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    I have a Mac with USB
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    I got mine to transfer (serial) by slowing down the speed on both the Palm and the emulator. The emulator still wouldn't run after a successful download.
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    Are you trying to run Emulator.exe or the ROM file? Curiously, if I tried to launch the Emulator.exe program it didn't work, but if I launched the Visor.ROM it started the Emulator and worked fine.
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    Originally posted by walkmankind
    I have a Mac with USB
    Ouch, two strikes against making this easy. The ROM Transfer method that comes with POSE only supports a serial transfer. If the thread I referenced above does not help, then I only see the following possibilities:
    • Some how get a hold of a serial cradle.
    • Some how get access to a Windoz box and follow the methods mentioned in the above thread.
    • Fill out the "POSE ROM Image License and Confidentiality Agreement" and fax it to Handspring (see Method 2). They will then, eventually, email you the ROMs.

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