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    Don't they have the tethering application via the Homebrew?
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    I had my original 700P for almost 3 years. I never had a problem with it and then it stopped being able to make calls. I had it replaced 4 times with reconditioned phones all of which stopped working.

    Finally Sprint replaced it with a new Treo Pro. I think I still prefer the way the 700P works.
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    I have loved Palm forever, and my 700p for three years now. Recently, I started asking myself the same thing (am I a Dinosaur?) and was happy to come across this post.

    I went to dinner with a Friend with an iPhone tonight. I could (basically) do everything he could do - Facebook, pictures, MP3. Alas, he still thought I was a dinosaur and laughed (though, funny, short of the "Lighter," he had no ground to stand on).

    I do admit, I'd like to update a hair. Question - though computer updates, and hooking to Exchange, I'm not using Hotsync anymore. Can I slap new apps on my 700p by just copying them to the SD card? I'd like to try that new TouchLauncher thing, but, don't want to get stuck with Hotsync again. Also, my Fiance' sure would like to have a simpler (:-/ I know - how much more simple do you get than PalmOS!) way - or maybe, to her credit, a less 'keystroke' way, to access phone number / phone functions on her Centro.

    We may be 'dianosaurs' - but it never hurts to 'try something new' and be proactive!
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    First I would like to answer the post from JefferyCox. Yes you can copy most applications to the SD card you can also copy the application from the SD card to the 700p RAM(get free download FILEZ). Some applications can only be run from the 700p RAM. All you need is a SD or SDHC card reader or a program like Softick CardExport II. Also use NVBACKUP and use the server option where the program also uploads a copy of the 700p RAM to a server on the web (even some of the free accounts). Does not back up the CARD. You can do that your self. I use AllWay Sync from

    I have been using my 700p since they first came out. I only had to replace it once when I dropped it and cracked the case. I had the insurance and they made the replacement. The one thing that I noticed is that the screen was 40-60% brighter. I guess it had faded slowly.

    I am happy with the 700p and I might still try the ROM upgrade to 755. I recently noticed that the screen would drop in brightness or crank up in brightness. I traced the problem to the battery. I have been using a Seidio 3200Mah battery and rear cover for years. I noticed that it was swelled. Replaced the battery and problem went away.

    There is nothing that I can find that has everything that is on or available for the 700p including the 755 which uses a miniSD and the normal SDHC comes in 32GB
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    Thanks for the response, BridgeScore.

    Thanks for the info re copying on apps; I'll give that a try.

    I've always wondered if you could upgrade the 700p to the 755 bios. Is there any writeups about how to do that anywhere? Does it give you any refind features. I have been slightly envyous of my Fiances' Centro as some of the apps seem a little refined, especially SMS messenging. Also, I'd sure be in heaven if "Locate Me" would work in Google Maps.

    I went and played with the Palm Pre some today. Yeah, the screen is beautiful (I thought * my * Treo was fadded after workign with that for awhile). Alas, things on the Pre are just not as quick and easy as with the Treo. i.e., I can, with one hand, do what I need to do - like change the time on an appointment. The pre seems like several extra steps to accomplish the same thing. It just made me realize again that the 700p does just fine.

    I wouldn't mind Jazzing it up some. I look forward to hearing about the 755 upgrade, and, I think I'll go download an app or two right now and drop them on my SD card. We'll make this 'ol dinosuar' perk up a hair.
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    I feel like I just moved onto the modern era..I love my Treo 700P . I am sold on the Palm platform. I have been using a Kyocera 6035 for the past 8+ years amd moved to the Treo 700p 2 months ago. For those who don't know the 6035 is a palm Vx married to a phone. It was very capable, just slow by todays standards. I love having the keyboard and Color...
    I have way to many Palm apps to just walk away from. My Treo has been rock solid...
    I see a few have talked about Rom upgrade to a 755...what would I gain by doing that?
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    FWIW, I found the 755 upgrade instructions here:

    (since I'm a new member, it won't let me put the URL, but it's in the tread here at Treo Central by that title)

    I won't muddy up the waters and post much about it, as discussion about this should be posted in the other thread - but I just did it and so far so good.
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    Proud Dinosaur here!

    I'm probably going to pick up another 700p on eBay if they're really that cheap.

    Points for keeping my 700p

    *I'm on a SERO plan - $30/mo. for unlimited data, text and 500 minutes
    *full-size SD card (doubles as thumb drive using Sandisk USB + SD card)
    * great physical keyboard
    *TETHERING! Saved my **** when we stayed at a hotel w/no internet for 3 days.
    *BackupMan daily backups to SD Card
    *Don't care if I drop it (well, not really, but i'd cry less than If i dropped my wife's new iphone 4.

    Things i'm always bummed about

    * No GPS
    * No Wifi (but carry around ipod touch for this)
    * terrible web browser
    * crashes. I'm about to do a hard reset and re-install apps one by one since its gotten really bad lately.

    HTH someone
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    I am still using palm 700 p sprint. Does what I need for it to do. Had original phone go to endless loop that would not permit hard reset by me or sprint, got replacement phone in 2 days in March. Speaker died on new phone this week and after sitting in sprint office for 2 hours and they could not fix, was given replacement. Had back up buddy on card and did restore and was back in business. Have been slow to sync and to get emails. figured I needed a weekend to trouble shoot as I can never remember how to do it and have to read up on it again. I love having my contacts in phone so that you can use them to make calls easisly. I like the few web sites I use and they are available.

    Maybe I should buy a cheap spare on e bay.
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    I am still finding new tricks and features that make the 700p my favorite device. Having started with a 650p when they were relatively new and moving to the 700p 3 years ago, I have no reason to change until VZ turns on the 4G coverage. Then I will be forced to move on (sigh).

    Got to admit the frequency of strange looks is increasing when people notice the device.

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    I'm using a 755p and have a spare 700p. I purchased both on eBay when someone picked my pocket and took my 650p. Not sure why I went from the 700p to the 755p, I think it was looping on me and after going to the 755p just did not switch back. Maybe it was when I dropped it and had to wait for an antenna to come in.

    The 755p seems a little faster and I like the finish of the 755p. Not sure why I like the finish because I keep both of them in a boot.

    I like my ir port. I'm a realtor and can use the phone to open the lock boxes. I also send files from my computer to my phone with the ir port. I know most use wifi & blue tooth now but none of the new phones have the ir port.

    I'm happy with the 755p and if something happens to it I will switch to my 700p in a minute. Most people ask me if it's a crackberry. Mainly because of the black boot I have on it.
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    I just picked up a backup 700p on eBay. Temporarily activated it to confirm that it worked, then deactivated and tucked it away.

    Yes, I certainly feel like a dinosaur. Quite frankly, I would get the Pre in a second (or a Verizon iPhone if and when) IFF all of my information transferred over somewhat seamlessly. Contacts are easy. But I also need all of my memos (I have nearly 200), all tasks (completed, future & recurring), and all calendar events (color-coded, completed, future & recurring). Finally, I need a desktop app where all this can be viewed, added, deleted and/or modified.

    Maybe HP will beam me to the future???
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    good thread, i love it.
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    I know this is an old thread but I just found it, I haven't been here for a bad!!
    I started with the Palm IIIe, then moved to the Treo 300, had a couple of problems with it, got some samsong phone with palm used it till it started giving me problems then moved to the Treo 650, I loved that phone, I was bumed when it went down, they talked me into the Centro, I think that was a decent device but my thumb is litteraly bigger then the keyboard so I had a lot of problems with it, when Palm dropped the PalmOs infavor of WebOs Idecided that it was time to switch, I tried a Pre but didn't like it at all, so I moved to WM PPC, what a terrible OS, waiting for apps to open was a lession in patience, even the apps that are in ROM, a few months ago I got a free Treo 700, I decided to activate it and let WM go, best move I ever made in the phone world, the thing I like about PalmOs is that it just works, it does what you ask it to do, no fancy color skeams, no pretty eye candy, just a great working platform, some one mentioned either in this thread, or another the possibility of HP bringing back the original Palm, I would love for that to happen, but in the mean time I ordered two 755s off of ebay so I will have back ups.
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    Well, I'm back to the 700P. I left my 755P on top of the car and that mistake was costly. I was on vacation and I'm glad I had the 700P as a handy spare.

    Keep things rolling!!!
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    As I said I would, I went ahead and bought a used 700p on eBay for $20.00. I held onto it for a while and just recently my treo starting having really bad calls - I think it was the microphone since I heard people just fine. So I switched over. Took me a bit to get things all switched over b/c I had to flash the ROM update again, but now all is working great on a 'new' 700p
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    I am still undecide as to weather I like the 700 more or the 755, I like the feel of the 755, but I just like the way the 700 looks, and the way it fits my hand, I have my 755 set up now so that is what I use, but I keep thinking of reactivating my 700.
    I have a question, is there a way to make it so ONLY the power/red button turns it on, I have it in my belt and sometimes it touches the home button, and I don't realy want it opening up to home when I want to turn it on.
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