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    Every once in awhile when my bugme messenger alarm and reminder goes off, when I tap on "OK" or "Trash" I get an error message that says something about "no stack space" and then I get a Reset message and my prism resets. Once it has reset itself I don't seem to lose any data, but my batteries get drained and often they are almost totally out!!!

    Anyone else having these problems?
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    I got a No Stack Space message with BugMe Messenger, I did the rest and guess what? All my data got erased from my Visor Prism!!! I was shocked! Good thing I had a backup that i could turn back to.
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    I just had the stack space problem on an alarm. My Prism just locked up and I had to do a reset (pin reset) Anyone have an answer on this?
    I got a turtle head poking out!
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    Do you guys have BugMe in Flash Memory? I had mine in Flash memory at the time I got the crash.
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    I got a turtle head poking out!
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    I guess I'm not exactly sure what you mean, have it on "flash memory". I haven't done anything special or different- I installed BugMe messenger just like any other program on my prism.

    And I'm still getting that error message after alarms about 1 out of every 4 alarms that go off in bugme.

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