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    I was looking into a program that would allow me to use templates to keep track of daily notes and stuff. I would like your thoughts.
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    I like the ability to attach a drawing to a memo, set it for an alarm, sync it to Outlook 2000 Notes and to password protect it. MemoPlus allows all that except drawings are not synched only text. I don't have DayNotez, but that seems like the app replaces the extra page in a Franklin Planner. I use a note attached to an appointment in DateBook+ for that. To print an attached note with PalmPrint, I have to copy it to MemoPlus and then print. A little work, but I rarely print attached notes and I take MemoPlus for the quick drawings. MemoPlus does not import or export to Palm doc format, but I use QuickOffice for those details. For $25 with the Windows/Outlook conduit v. $20 for drawings, I go with MemoPlus.
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    I have both MemoPlus and DayNotez - I think they have different strengths.

    Both have templates and can be password protected, but the strength of DayNotez is that it ties notes to dates and can use categories. If you have a lot of entries (say every day), organizing the notes in Memoplus could be a pain. In Daynotez, you can use different "views" (month, day, list) to organize data. Within a note, you can format bulleted or numbered lists, and you can import todos and memos and export to memo or doc format.

    The other BIG plus for Daynotez is that you can sync to a desktop app or to Outlook. The desktop app is very attractive, powerful, and generally pretty handy, and has a variety of print options.

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