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    here's an excerpt from an Apple press release released yesterday :

    “Palm Desktop for Mac OS X takes full advantage of new Mac OS X technology,” said John Cook, senior director of Product Marketing at Palm, Inc. “Instant Palm Desktop takes on a new twist in Mac OS X — simply click and hold on an icon in the Dock to get fast access to Palm Desktop data, find contacts or create new records. We’ve also redesigned the look and feel for Mac OS X and improved data compatibility for better synchronization with Palm handhelds.”

    problem is i found nothing about this anywhere at the website and nobody at the Seybold Expo knew anything either (but i did get my free 10.1 update package! whee). Does anyone know anything about this? Did i miss the boat somewhere?
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    I work in the system software group at Apple and I haven't seen it yet. I suspect it will be soon. There is a lot of software that has been waiting for OSX 10.1.

    Take a look at the MS word beta that MS posted yesterday - very nice.
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    Any word on when Adobe and Macromedia will get their asses in gear and start pumping out OSX versions of their apps?
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    The last dates that I heard are October (hopefully) for Illustrator and Freehand. Adobe GoLive and Adobe InDesign should also be later this year. PhotoShop is probably after the first of the year. That's about all that I can remember.

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