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    Aargh? I tried out the new Blazer 2.0 from Handspring, and it did not make me a happy camper. Here's my initial beefs with it:

    - doesn't automatically import bookmarks from version 1.1
    I have a lot of bookmarks and do not care for setting them all over again!

    - bookmark no longer categorized in a PalmOS standard manner!
    Instead of having a regular category selector in the upper left hand corner, you have five boxes labeled 1 through 5 and an arrow which leads to five more boxes labeled 6 through 10 (I think). Each box is a category, so you are from the start limited to ten categories!

    - individual bookmark categories limited in size
    Aargh. AARGH! I can only fit ten bookmarks in an individual category! I *definitely* need more than that! Total limitation of a hundred bookmarks is bad enough, but having to start up a second "Work" category because of spillover sucks the big one!

    Positive stuff:

    + bookmarks sortable
    (I may be remembering this one wrong, though, but I think that you could sort the bookmarks -- at the very least, you can decide where each bookmark goes in a category's listing; Blazer 1.x just puts the newest one at the bottom, which sucked)

    Things I'm mens-a-mens (sp?) about:

    ~ image placeholders
    In Blazer 1.x, if you have images turned off or an image had not yet loaded, it displays the ALT tag with brackets to the left and right. Blazer 2.0 uses a method which looks more aesthetically pleasing but takes up extra screen real estate. It creates a box that would be the size of the image and places the ALT tag in there.

    ~ web buttons now on bottom of screen
    The Back, Forth, Open, Home, and Stop buttons used to be on the top of the screen next to the menu tab. Now, they are on the bottom. Additionally, the Bookmarks button is now ... different. It's kind of like a graphical switch that allows you to swap between the bookmarks and the web pages. Personally, I prefer the older method, and the newer way may even waste some screen real estate, but I'm not sure about that; however, this may be more pleasant for some. One thing, though, is that they should change that bookmark switch from two buttons to one.

    ~ Cache size is now in the Advanced tab of the Preferences

    I immediately restored from backup after discovering the bookmark annoyances, so I cannot recall any other differences. Does anybody else out there know any positive, negative, and/or interesting differences between Blazer 1.1 and Blazer 2.0?

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    The Readme.txt when you unzipped Blazer 2.0 tells how to keep your old bookmarks:
    >Blazer 2.0 Beta uses a different format for storing bookmarks and the Blazer 1.1 bookmarks file on your PDA will be overwritten. To save your Blazer 1.1 bookmarks, you can (1) copy the file BLBookmarks to a Flash Module, or (2) make a copy of the file BLBookmark.pdb which is in the Backup (Windows) or Backups (Mac) folder within your Palm User folder on your desktop computer. If you decide to return to using Blazer 1.1, copy the BLBookmark file from your Flash Module back to main Visor memory, or use the Palm Desktop Install tool to
    restore the Bookmark.pdb to your Visor.

    What I can't figure out is how to log in here at Visor Central!! I've been able to do it on other sites with no problem, but I can't find a way to do it here.
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    Scroll waaaaay down to the bottom after the page loads. (Helps to select No Images in Blazer Prefs; really speeds the load up.) There's a Not Cookied? paragraph with boxes for name and password down there--enter your VC name and password.

    I might actually buy the full version of Blazer 2.0 when it becomes available. It's funny as all get-out to be able to not only send and receive e-mail on my Visor but to surf the Web too!

    (I use my VDx, ComLink to redirect to IR, and a Nokia 8290.)
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    If only they would allow it to download .zip files or, like Browse-it
    did, show the .prc,.pdb and .txt files and allow you download them. I
    miss that about Browse-it.
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    I tried the 2.0 beta only briefly, but it seemed MUCH speedier to download/build pages - it screamed compared to the previous version.

    As it gets faster, it might move from something I "use because it makes life easy," not something I'm "perpetually testing" (I tried to find a book online with it last weekend -- took me half an hour while my wife drove us somewhere. After the first 5 minutes, it was just to see how long it would actually take).

    Got a Handspring mini-catalog in the mail recently, which advertised a new browser called palmliner. Supposed let you zoom in on Web pages, which sounds cool. I registered, but they haven't sent the trial version yet.
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    If only they would allow it to download .zip files or, like Browse-it
    yes, me too. this is the main reason i was tempted to get a thinmodem. i wonder since blazer 2 is still in beta they might still be tweaking stuff out like how to dl stuff since id think dl stuff might be hard to implement.
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    Originally posted by Tom LaPrise
    Helps to select No Images in Blazer Prefs; really speeds the load up
    Doesn't that kill most of the virtue/fun/wow-factor of Blazer?

    On the otherhand, I guess if you're connecting wireless, it might be worth it.

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