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    Did anyone in here switch from the 700p to the Centro? I want to know if the Versamail is any different? My school requires u to add a domain in there and Ive tried everything like domain/username but it doesnt work. Just wondering if I switch to Centro would be any different. Besides that, I still need to update my phone but I dont want to give up the Palm OS. Is there any major differences between the 2 phones? Thanks for your time.
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    Centro supports EAS.
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    didnt the 700p support EAS as well? does it have a place to type in your domain in versamail?
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    1. you will love the Centro. i've been using Palms since 1999 and it's the best phone of ALL phones i ever had - bar none. i tried the new Pre and the Centro works 1,000x better.
    2. you need to find out what email server protocol your school uses. then talk to your IT guys and get the settings and make sure they support connecting devices and that PalmOS supports that protocol.
    3. not sure if the 700p comes with EAS in the box or if it's available as an add on. i only started using EAS when i got my Centro.
    4. my brand new Refresh Sprint Centro's Versamail is v. there's no space to enter the domain name under EAS in this version of Versamail that i can see. my IT guys gave me a domain name but i never had to enter it and my EAS still works.

    the settings you need to get are -

    1. Email Address - jsmith@xyz. com
    2. Password - Same as Email Password
    3. Username - jsmith
    4. Mail Server -
    5. Port Number - 443 (typically 443)
    6. Use Secure Connection (SSL) - Yes (typically Yes)
    7. Proxy Server/Proxy Authentication - None (typically None)

    good luck. once you get it set up it's a beautiful thing.
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