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    Need help getting numbers from puter to 755P Phone crashed and when I thought I was resynching from laptop to cell it did the reverse.

    I'm totally confused- I still have all the cell numbers on my desktop Palm. I see export & import etc but cant figure out how to get them to my 755P

    Thanks in advance for any help Dorothy
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    You have got to go into the Palm Desktop and click Hotsync on the toolbar, then Custom. There you can choose for the contacts and calendar to be be synced with The Desktop overwriting the Device. Be sure to check this on all the things you need put on the phone. then do a hotsync.
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    Be sure you make a copy of the backed-up (computer) file! I did that when my 755p died on me one day. I then totally erased the info on my desktop! Thank goodness I remembered to back it all up or I would have been $įŽewed.
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    Do yourself a favor and install NVBackup (freeware) to your memory card have set it backup your phone everyday. If your phone ever hard resets itself like mine does once in a while you can restore your phone while out and about. It's saved me once already.

    Here's the link. I'm using vers 1.21 but I see there is a new one out there vers 1.22.,1090.html

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