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    For the chess nuts out there: What is the best chess game for Palm OS? (Color support is a plus!)

    I did a search but couldn't find anything really comparing chess progs. Thanks in advance, fellow visorites!

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    I like pocketchess deluxe.
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    I have been using Chess Genius since I purchased my Visor and have liked it very well. I am currently trying Chess Tiger, but havn't had it long enough to form an opinion.
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    I bought ChessGenius and am very happy with it.
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    Chess Tiger..try the demo
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    open chess. It's the palm vesion of the GNU unix chess. Plus it's freeware.
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    Love chess, played on a local team and have been ranked. Both Chess Genius and Chess Tiger are challenging enough and certainly entertaining. If you are a very very good player neither of them will keep you guessing, but for an average player they are fun.

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