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    Head over to: and snag your copy of BackupBitster today!
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    -- Registration --
    Backup Bitster is not a free piece of software. To encourage us to
    continue to produce new and exciting Palm Computing solutions,
    please register your copy of Backup Bitster for $15 USD.

    This program can be registered through RegNet - The Registration
    Network by using any of the following methods:

    On the web -
    By Phone - 1 800 WWW2REG (1 800 999-2734) or (661) 288-1827
    By Fax - 1 (661) 288-1867

    RegNet Product #: 5752

    Note: Price is subject to change without notice.
    and to accomplish what this does, you can use many launchers eg. LauchnerIII and modify the backup bits of the ones you need to be backed up during hotsync. Its a bit tedious but you can decide if its worth $15!
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    BackUpAll, which is free, does the above.
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    It may be a great program, but Backup Buddy:
    • has saved my *** several times for over a year
    • has been absolutely bulletproof -- which is essential for backup software
    • has great technical support and continues to provide free upgrades with useful features (like VFSBackup, etc.)

    You don't throw away a great vendor for a pretty new face, particularly when they're providing a critical service.
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    Can somebody explain EXACTLY what backupall does? The documentation is scarce on details.

    What are the differences between backup buddy, backup bitster, and backupall?

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