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    I notice that ThinkingBytes has come out with a competitor for QuickOffice: ThinkOffice. (OK, not the most original name, but it gets the job done...)

    Has a spreadsheet, a chart program, and a text processor. Apparently built to hotsync well with Excel, Word, etc.

    Anyone have any info or opinions on this? Done any comparisons? Have any of the components been bought or converted from existing products of other companies?

    Just curious... I don't think you could pry WordSmith from my hands, ever, but while I'm happy with QuickSheet, I could be persuaded to leave it if it had a great set of features.

    ThinkingBytes support has been, umm, sometimes less than impressive for ThinkDB (though I do love the product, and have to admit that they seem to have gotten most of the objectionable problems out of it of late.)
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    Actually, most of the pieces; Sheet, Word, Calc, and Chart, look to have been licensed from the MiniCalc folks.

    Compare at SolutionsInHand
    Bryan Nystrom
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