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    Sunday I was forced to do a Hard Reset of my Prism. I have the backup module and a backup was taken Saturday so it didn't seem like much of a problem.

    Today I looked at the calendar and the only thing on the calendar are 4 bogus todo list items. 2 have 9/17/01 as the date and 2 have 3/10/19 as the date. Neither of them have text that is readable.

    So, I checked the Palm Desktop and everything is there even if it is 2 months old. I shut off the hotsync of calendar since I never looked at the calendar on my pc anyway. That will change if I ever get straightened out.

    Since what was on my pc was better than nothing I changed the option to have the desktop overwrite the handheld for the date book. Ran a Hot Sync with no errors reported. Still nothing on my calendar.

    I assume something is corrupted in the calendar but I don't know what it could be. I have Datebook and Datebook+ that came with the prism and Datebook4. None of them show anything on the calendar except the 4 bogus todos in Datebook4.

    I did try the restore again and still no good which leads me to believe the backup is probably corrupted. Right now I would just like to be able to hotsync and get back most of the stuff.

    Anyone have any suggestions?
    Bill Harrison
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    I don't know if this will help but, i had a similar problem and noticed that after I reset my palm date was set to Jan 1, 2000. After I udated my prefs, everything was there.
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    I had to re-install the Palm Desktop software to re-open the conduit I had lost for my datebook. Before the re-install, the dates were not being updated- after the re-install, everything hot-synced just fine.

    I have been having problems with my Visor Deluxe crashing a lot lately, and I learned a few lessons.

    1.) You can never have too many back-ups. I have a back up on my home computer (BackupBuddy, done daily), with Yahoo (Yahoo Intellisync, done weekly), at work (BackupBuddy, done several times a week), and on my CF card (JackBack, done every couple days). For differnet reasons, I have had to go through all of these at one time or another to get my data restored. (By the way- so far, Yahoo has been the most reliable and stable. I would just stick with it, but there are a few times I cannot get on the Internet when I would want to.)

    2.) Learn how to do a 'system reset'- push the 'reset' button and hold it, push the 'up' button and hold it too. Release the 'reset', but hold the 'up' until the the Palm screen clears and shows the settings screen. So far, I can do this instead of a 'hard reset' about 90% of the time if the usual 'soft reset' does nto work.

    3.) Clean out the dead stuff in your Palm. So far, I have tried StacWork's "InWatch" Pre-Clean and Plimco's 'dbScan'. Both seem to have helped, but I think I need something a bit stronger. I have seen the names of other software, but I have not tried them yet- and I can't remember their names (they were on Handspring's site, under how ot clear out fatal errors!)

    4.) Keep REALLY important stuff on a back-up card. I like the FlashPlus card- clean and simple! I physically back-up key files there almost daily- datebook, phonebook, documents, databases, etc. If everything else failed, I could restore the key functions well enough to survive until my next visit to my computer.

    Ah, the painful lessons we learn! The more I come to depend on my Visor, the more any interruptin hurts- but also the more I use it, the more likely it is that I will drop it, loose power, or introduce corrupt files somehow. What a Catch 22!
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    Reinstalling the Palm Desktop doesn't help. Also ran dbscan and that didn't help although it did find a couple corrupted records and cleaned them out.

    As to your comments on backup. I have the backup module which I do every Saturday. I also Hot Sync twice a day. If you're paranoid I can see maybe doing the extra backups but in my opinion anything that needs that much back shouldn't be trusted for anything but games. If you feel you need that much backup and have the time and money to do it then more power to you. Myself before I do that much backup I'll toss the Visor against a concrete wall and forget about it.
    Bill Harrison

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