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    Im new to the treo, but i really like it and ive gotten used to it pretty quick. recently it has been powering down and not turning back on. if i remove and replace the battery the treo logo loads up but the nthe unit turns right off no other screens . it had done this 3 days ina row and today was the worst turned off and stayed off for 6 hours. now im home, playing with it and it turns on... i have a 3$ chinese battery off ebay a 8 gb sdhc card and a few downloaded apps on the phone can anyone tell me whats going on. i bought it used, but it worked great for two weeks.
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    Can't say for sure, but it sounds like you might have a bad battery. Try getting either a Palm or Seidio battery for your Treo & charge it for the suggested amount of time. A $3.00 battery just won't cut it.

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