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    I'd like to start a list of programs that people have found to be battery hogs. I was recently cabin camping remotely (flown in via floatplane) and had spent quite a few evenings tinkering with my Prism before going to sleep. Everything was fine until I used HandyShopper2 and it suddenly drained my batteries. Just now I was trying out AirMiles and the battery indicator was plummeting while I used it. I know that some games can be pretty big drains too- Bejeweled is a hog compared to Colors. SimCity seems to use hardly any while Alchemy is another large drain. Your experiences?


    - I do realize that there are many variable for people. Greyscale vs. color, battery type, possible software conflicts, contrast/backlight settings, and the relative subjectivity of the question.
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    eyemodule, when using the module.
    I have to switch from NiMH to alkalines just to use it, even when the NiMH's are fresh.
    Not sure if that follows what you wanted, but it's the only one I've had noticeable trouble with.
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    Stowaway Keyboard driver

    It's not the use that's the issue, but once you've used it, it seems to mess up the "auto off" of the Visor. Not always, but sometimes.

    A reset seems to fix it.
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    These are useful lists for people with NiCads !

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