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    PALM TREO 700 700P OEM FULL BLACK HOUSING+KEY+ANTENNA** - eBay (item 270377927276 end time Jun-20-09 04:31:32 PDT)

    Expensive, but so worth it.

    These may be old news, but I've wanted a "black-tie" 700p since day 1.

    It came today. Surprisingly, it's slightly rubberized, unlike the housing the Treo shipped with. The new keypad gave new life to lost springiness of the keys. The LED is now pretty dim, but I hate it anyhow and only use it to verify CallRec is doing its job.

    It's black and it's sexy.

    *EDIT* Okay, I wanted to add that after a mere two weeks of use, and now over a month, this thing is basically junk. The housing that is. This rubberized coating, or whatever it is, is starting to flake off and it looks terrible. The "paint" or whatever material it is has also cracked... not the plastic itself, just the coating. And the antenna is doing it as well. The seller did ship me a replacement, but I don't even want to install it. I think I'm going back to the OEM housing.

    Conclusion: Stay away.
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    very nice - wish they made one for a 755p
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    Now that looks nice!

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