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    There was this thread a while ago about emailing JPGs taken by
    a digital camera from a CF/MMC/... card.
    Just to let you know that I finally found myself a solution.
    It's a program called VFSMail, available from PalmGear, Handango.
    I'm using VDX, Memplug CF, Canon S110 digital camera.
    Works both with cellphone and Handspring Modem ( have to move the JPG
    to the RAM first ).

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    actually for those of us fortunate enought to attach to the web wirelessly using the infrared port on my phone and platinum, no need to move photos at all
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    Yeah, I tried it myself too, but sending 300k JPGs by a line modem
    is way faster ( 10X in my case ) and cheaper. I use my cellphone to send text emails only.

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    How do you move the jpg to RAM? I have been playing with this unsuccessfully. I assume I am missing something obvious.


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