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    I just got an email saying that I "have been identified as a possible class member in a class action settlement" about the Treo 600.

    Basically, the email says that because I owned a Treo 600 I'm eligible for $20 credit on my bill because of the deceptive wording about the SDIO expansion slot which never had a Bluetooth or Wifi card that worked with it.

    I sort of remember that being an issue at the time, but the reason I'm questioning it is because I definitely have not had the email address I received it at for that long. (Though, that is the email address my Sprint bill goes to.)

    Anyone else get the same email that can confirm it's legit?
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    Yup, I just received the email as well. It looks legit...
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    I got this too... free $20?
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    Got one too. Thought it was spam at first but guess not.
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    This is a legit email. I called Sprints customer service and told them about the email. They verified that the was a legit website. You can verify it yourself by calling them.

    Did you notice how much the lawyers get paid. Up to $1,235,000 for attorneys fees and $100,000 for expenses. What a racket. Going to get my $20 dollor credit now.

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