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    Anyone tried using this on a VDX? Is it unbearably slow, or does it perform well? I'll be looking at graphics as well as text.
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    It is a little slow especially for big documents. However afterburner could probably fix that.
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    Thanks! I'm debating a Platinum anyway, just don't know if it will be a mistake with the new Visor's coming out...
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    and it's not color!
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    When I last played with this program, I found it to be ok at best. The biggest problem for me was the size of the converted files - they were quite big. I don't know if that has been fixed since. The graphics support is pretty marginal, in my opinion.

    I ususally use Apportis's desktop PDF converter instead. It strips out the graphics, which might not work for you. However, the resulting file is a regular palm doc file readable by any doc reader, inclding Wordsmith.
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    In most of the PDF's I converted (Quicksheet,Thinkdb,etc), the graphics were lousy; i.e. screen shots, etc.
    Works fine using VFS Helper, but very, very slow. Down side is that the pdf's have to be in palm\launcher. Adobe should be using a separate subdirectory as Mapopolis does.

    ISilo HTML w/graphics is a lot cleaner.

    For now, I strip the graphics out of PDF's.

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