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    Hey everyone... proud new Centro owner here

    I just downloaded the trial version of Lightspeed 3.1 for my Centro in an effort to improve performance of the LJP SNES emulator. I was wondering if anyone knows what is the max processor speed of the Centro's XScale processor?

    From what I have read, the XScale 27x processors are designed for speeds up to 624mhz depending on the core. So far I've successfully clocked my processor to 416mhz with significant performance gains and would like to push it to 520 (which might make it possible to enable sound in SNES games) but don't want to try it until I get advice from someone who has tried this and/or understands the capabilities of the processor...

    Not wanting to fry my Centro for something so frivolous. Anyone?
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    I have sound working okay on LJP on my Centro running at stock speed. Try playing with the frame skip in video config - I have mine set at 4, and it doesn't look choppy at all.
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    My preference is to not use frameskip. clocking to 416 gives a significant performance boost as is. But if I discover that the CPU can handle 520 without any real problems I will definitely try it.
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    Just keep playing with the lightspeed settings to find out what works best with your centro. If the settings are too high then your centro will become unstable. It won;t damage any of your hardware.

    FWIW, usually better performance gains are made by increasing the bus speed. The settings that work best on my centro are 247 bus & 494 cpu.
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    which is better for overclocking the Centro, lightspeed or warpspeed? I know lightspeed specifically supports the Centro. I have the trial version installed right now... but warpspeed is $10 cheaper. has anyone tried warpspeed on a Centro?
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    I use lightspeed. I've never tried warpspeed.
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    warpspeed is for older devices. Lightspeed works well in newer ones.

    But im not sure that using very high speeds (>500) for long times (i.e. for playing or GPS navigation) wold be safe for the processor
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    Quote Originally Posted by oronzous View Post
    ...But im not sure that using very high speeds (>500) for long times (i.e. for playing or GPS navigation) wold be safe for the processor
    This is my main concern so I emailed Lightspeed support several days ago but no response.

    I have tested my Centro by running LJP at 520mhz for 10-15 minutes at a time. Each time it performed smoothly with no loss of stability. I also took off the battery cover so I could monitor (by touch) how much extra heat was being generated. It was warmer at 520 than slower speeds but it never got much higher than body temp. At the end of one of these "tests" I quickly pulled out the battery and found the part of the battery compartment directly over the processor was no warmer than the battery.

    So my guess is that heat dissipation isn't a major problem. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean it's safe...

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