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    My ringtones in Contacts list change to "No Sound" by themselves. I had that in my 700p and now in 755p too. I am talking about the ringtones assigned to the individual Contract list entries.

    Sometimes I would be getting a call from a friend, or someone else who is already in my Contact list, and the phone would vibrate (I set it to always vibrate), but it would not ring. Then I would go to that person's Contact list entry and discover that their ringtone is set to "No Sound"! I know I didn't set that!

    I checked and about 10-30% of my Contact list entries ringtones are set to "No Sound". I have several hundred of entries there, so I know I haven't changed them individually like that. And how would I change them back to Default? The Category-specific ring tone setting does not change the individually set ringtones. I can try to spend a full day going trough each entry, changing the ringtones back to Default, but I think they might change on me again the same way they have done it before.

    Any ideas?
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    I would suggest trying a soft reset, then jump to a warm reset, then try a hard reset if the issue persist.

    A warm reset is like booting a computer in safe mode. Try making the changes and see if they stick. If not I would jump to the hard reset. By doing a hard reset it will erase all data and return settings to default. For further information and instructions on resets please visit and look up article number 887 in the Solution I.D. search field.

    I hope this helps you.
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    Noticed the same problem last week, but after thinking about it, it has been present longer than that. Instead of no sound, my entries all say "you can't" (stones) but when edited say default. The problem is "you can't" isn't my default. Soft, warm ,hard resets are a waste of time for this problem. I am having to correct each entry one at a time by changing selected ringtone to alarm then changing it to the actual default. Took me an hour to fix the "A" entries. Trying to change category ringtone didn't correct. Don't know why or when this actually happened.
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    Yeah, soft or hard resets aren't doing anything because I have had a few. I had that problem on my 700p too and it somehow migrated to my 755p. I have almost no 3rd party apps on my Treo. So I think it is weird.

    The only app that I think could have affected ringtones was Minitunes. But I have deleted it long ago, and the problem is still here.
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    Hi guys... Im new in this page... I just bought myself a Treo 755p and im going crazy trying to assing ringtones to my contacts... I cant seem to do it... is that even possible?? it lets me put the ringtones that the phone came with, but not the ringtones that i transferred from my old phone... this new ringtones are not even in the same list... PLEASE HELP !!!!!
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    Your "old" ringtones might not be in a compatible format for the 755p. I think they have to be MP3 files. I've been using pTunes (pocket tunes) instead of MiniTones to manage my tunes.
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    Well, I once had MiniTones installed, but I removed it. Still, I would add a new contact and a few days later he is calling me and NO ringtone of any kind. Most of my rengones are default, or those that come with the Palm OS.

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