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    I paid for unlock code for my 680 one year ago. Traveled with unit to China and had good luck using on China Mobile network. Last week, took same phone t Morocco and paid for Moroc Telecom sim card in Marrakesh. After inserting this sim I got message telling me phone had not been unlocked. I re-entered the unlock code several times and finally gpt message unlock was successful(?) But the message regarding service was "no service avaiable". I placed the Moroc Tel sim in another local phone and got great service. Anyone know what could be causig this behavior? I thought an unlocked phone was unlocked and GSM was GSM as long as quad phone was being used. I'm headed to the UK next week and am considering dumping the 680 for more reliable world phone.
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    There are 3volt and 5volt sims cards. Maybe that is the problem.
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