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    I just picked up a AT&T Treo 650. It tells me I can not use my sim card. It is a working card out of my Blackjack. There are some procedures on here on solving the problem which are a little confusing to a new owner like me. The manual says if you get this message it is because you are using an older 5v sim card and need the newer 3v version. Any suggestions please.
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    3g sim card you mean? Does the phone grab an att signal?
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    No the manual actually said newer 3volt. I used an online service to get an unlock code and now it sees my service with ATT. Evidently it was not unlocked as advertised. Strange thing though it does not see me sim card contacts or my web service. This is a different animal.
  4. #4 your treo's firmware upgraded to the latest? check to see. usually it's the firmware's fault. a lot of my problems were solved immediately after i upgraded. or check at&t's help desk for more info about your predicament.

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