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    Hi all,
    I am using google voice. In order for my google voice number to show up in the caller ID of the person whom I'm calling, I need to call my google voice phone number first, then dial the number of the person I'm calling.
    In the 755's dial preferences, there is the ability to have an auto dial prefix for a number up to 7 digits in length. I need the ability to have an auto dial prefix, that also includes a pause, for 10 digit numbers.
    Does anyone out there know of a solution for this particular issue?
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    I found it!
    Callcards by the maker of Takephone, which has a callingcard function built in as well.
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    Hi, pharbrian! I just found the answer to your question and posted it at Brighthand. Check it out here:

    Auto prefix dialer for 10-digit #. Google voice user.

    This doesn't require any 3rd party software. It simply used the 755p's Speed Dial + Extra Digits feature. In short, you set up the speed dial to your GV number and add extra digits for * (if the phone you're calling from isn't already set up to access voicemail) then your PIN followed by a comma, then 2 to dial out, and finally the number you wish to call. You can set up multiple speed dial numbers this way for your primary contacts.
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    Since there isn't a Google Voice dialer for Palm Treos, the best, quickest, easiest way to dial numbers through GV is by adding the numbers in Speed Dial (like I described above) but with a slight variation:

    Type: Speed Dial
    Label: <anything> (e.g., the name of the person you want to call)
    Number: <your Google Voice number>
    Quick Key: <any available key>
    Extra Digits: ,,<PIN>,,,2,,<contact number>#

    The commas serve as pauses. The pound sign at the end signals GV that you're done dialing. I just found out about the # sign today. This is terrific!

    Of course, the limitation to this is the number of Favorites buttons you have available. For me, I have plenty of buttons for the majority of people I call. The remaining numbers are in my GV contacts. When I need to call someone not in my Favorites, I simply use Blazer to log into GV and dial directly. It's a bit of a pain, but not a big deal.

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