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    OK, I know there are old posts on this subject, but i was wondering if anyone had any newer discoveries?

    I have been using the dietlog/exerlog/weightlog bundle on my deluxe for almost a year. It was an important tool in my lifestyle changes over this last year. BUT I now have a prism. The three programs transfered over to my prism, but the complete exerlog data base did not- I can only get to the first list of activities- no further so I can't log anything. All the new foods I have added to the database in dietlog are gone- groan! That was alot of work adding tose, I really don't want to do again. The company no longer sells or supports exerlog. So I can't download again. So- I am looking for some software that will allow me to track those three items- food intake, exercise, and weight. I really liked how these three were integrated....

    Anyone have any suggesstions?

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    If you don't mind spending a little money ($50), Vivonic has a great diet and exercise log. It has a PC component where you can add new foods or exercises to an already extensive default database (and it all synchronizes to your handheld). You can also download different exercise programs if you're training for a particular event. They also have a partnership with, a diet and exercise website. I know what you mean about these logs being integral to lifestyle changes -- this is the program I've used, and I firmly believe it helped me lose thirty pounds over 10 weeks! I'm now using it to help me train for a triathlon in November. The $50 price tag may seem steep, but believe me, it's a high quality program. If you go to their website,, you can get a five day demo.

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    Do you still have the original palm? The question is why didn't your log transfer across?

    I assume you hotsynced your new empty prism to your PC, thus transferring all the programs.
    If the database did not transfer, then for some reason it was never backed up by the old palm. If it is still on there, you could beam it across (if the old one has a Ir).
    You can also check your backup files on the PC to see if it is not amongst them in an older backup.
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    I too have been looking for a good fitness tracking program and haven't been able to find a good one. I looked at that vivonic one and it looks great but I use a MAC as well as my Handspring and it doesn't support me. If anyone else has any other good ideas please let me know..
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    not sure which fitness program you follow, but if you follow Body for Life ( than there is a $10 BLF tracking program available from palmgear which is excellent.

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    Ok I found my old exerlog file on my PC and re-installed it on my prism. Worked fine!

    The Vivonic fitness software looked really interesting- I like the PC conduit- that's non-existent on Dietlog- I can't view any of it on my PC. But I spent $50 on this dietlog bundle- so I really didn't want to sink another $50 into Vivonic!

    I'm back in business for now. Dietlog works well for me, but I am considering adding strength training to my exercise routine- and Vivonic looks better for that! Maybe on down the road!!!

    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!
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    I purchased the Vivonic Fitness planner and really like it. I highly recomend it.

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    I'm from Acrocat Software, so I am a little biased but you can check out PDAFitness at:

    I don't want to waste bandwidth here, and you can get pretty much all of the info you want from our site.

    One thing that you won't find there just yet is our latest news item which is the release of our desktop application. This program runs on your computer and syncs to your PDA, allowing you to:

    - Make changes on the desktop or the PDA and have the changes transferred back and forth
    - Create instant graphs and charts
    - Export data to CSV files or HTML web pages
    - Archive data to save space on your PDA.

    I can answers questions on this message board, or privately at

    Edward Ross
    Acrocat Software, L.L.C.
    Do you workout? Get Results. Get PDAFitness.

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