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    I just upgraded my Microsoft works software to Works 6.0 and was suprised to see a Palm compatabile desktop synchization. I tired it and it nicely synched my Microsoft address book and calander with my Visor. I use Outlook express as my main desktop email and always hated the hoops I had to jump through to synch it with my Visor. Usually I eneded up with two diferent address books and the one I had with me didn't have the number I needed. This seems like a great piece of software and I am thinking about using it all the time. Not that I don't trust Bill and Company (all hail the Gates and the great software he has created) but is there any downside to using this software and ignoring my Palm desktop.
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    Is this a MS Works 6.0 *only* feature? I would love to see this with Office XP -- can it be done?
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    You should be able to trust the alternative. Palm Desktop is fine, but it has certain caveats. I have linked with Schedule+ and later with Outlook for years now. The only problem I have found is that on one PC where I link using pocketmirror, sometimes appointments disappear from the palm (actually visor). This doesn't happen on the other PC where I use Desktop2Go.
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