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    let me start out by saying I love my centro. OK so I have vista 64 bit so syncing is a pain in the ****. I have to use bluetooth but periodically it decides not to work and tells me something else is using that port!!?? Anyway... I take my SD card out and physically plug it in to my pc to transfer files... I download apps to my computer and put them on the card. When I put the card back in to the centro how do I load or even see the files I added?? Anyone have any idea?
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    You have to put programs in the Launcher folder. With that said, you can use the "Files" program to view and move files on the card.
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    When I get the "something" report, normally turning the device Bluetooth off and back on takes care of it. If not, resetting the laptop does. I experience it every couple of weeks or so.

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