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    I appreciate your feedback to my husband a few months ago when you assisted me in deciding to get a 755p before they were gone. I love it! Now, to continue protecting it, I'm trying to buy a skin, but also want to use a phone case to hook on my waist. I'm looking over the better ones, and no one seems to mention if I can fit the phone with the skin on it, for either the Palm leather side case, the Smartphone Experts Side Pouch or Smartphone Experts P7 Pouch (since the P6 seems to wear too fast). Has anybody had success in using any of these models with the skin? (ADDED IN: Also, if I get the extended battery, will that also affect the fit for these models?)

    Thanks for your prompt advice!
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    I use a Sena leather case on my Treo (it is sold on this site, I can't post a link due to having too few posts). It's form fitting and attractive (picture on this site does not do it justice) and does not add a lot of bulk to the phone and is pretty easy to pull off when needed despite a snug fit. The case protected my treo from falls and scuff damage very well. Mine is black but there is a dark blue one that matches stock phone color. I also have the Seidio OEM-sized extended 2200 MAh battery which I use with stock cover and both fit into the case without problems (but the larger 3200 Mah battery probably would not fit). I don't use the case with the belt clip, but there is a version that has one. The case is a bit pricey but IMO worth the money; and I got mine slightly cheaper on Ebay.
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