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    just had to replace my 755p, which I had for almost two years for a new one. (faulty earphone jack)
    Now having a big issue concerning reception.
    My old 755 worked fine at home, even though reception was not the best one. On roaming it worked even better. No complain at all
    The new 755 is just sitting there and telling me no service
    it does not matter if on home networks or roaming. No Service. Customer service was of no help either. They blamed it on faulty towers settings.
    Interestingly my wife's 755 works like a bell like my old one.
    Can't figure out why the difference in reception.
    All have the same software version.
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    Different PRL, perhaps?
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    one does have a prl of 20252 the other one has 60652
    sprint says it does not matter......
    nevertheless after many phone calls, I'm receiving from sprint a new phone or a so called reconditioned one.
    Luckily, I also could proof to Sprint the difference in reception with the two identical phones.

    It was an interesting experience in seeing the difference in reception.
    I happen to live in a low signal area, so a phone with good reception capabilities is vital to me.
    Sprint as a carrier worked out good, better than the competition.
    But, if one would receive that lemon Palm without knowing, one would run from Sprint.

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