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    my centro decided today to just constantly try to do a sync on it's own. i looked down at it, and it was just attempting to connect to my computer, while i was in my car. what is wrong? it doesn't recognize any key i touch. it shuts off when i take out the battery, but then when i put it back in, it just starts trying to sync again. i connected to my laptop when i got home, and it won't actually sync then either.

    please help me!!
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    Check the connectors and make sure they are not dirty or damaged. otherwise it sounds like a return to the provider.
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    95% of the time this happens when you get moisture in the HotSync connectors. Clean them with a q-tip & rubbing alcohol. If that doesn't work, fill a ziplock bag with dry white rice & zip your phone up inside for a day. It'll pull all the moisture right out of the device.
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    If none of the above steps help, I recommend contacting you wireless carrier for replacement. You always do have the option to contact Palm for repair and replacement options as well.
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    Putting it in a sealed bag of dry rice eliminates the moisture problem. (usually)

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