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    New here, this is my first experience owning a smartphone. This may seem like a stupid question but the hotsync cable concerns me because:
    There is no clip to connect and/or disconnect the cable from the bottom of the phone??? I don't like the pushing it in and then having to pull it out with force, I am worried it will mess up the connections. Am I doing something wrong? Pressing the hotsync button does nothing re: the connect/disconnect just the syncing. It just seems strange that there is no button to clip in or release from the phone.
    Please excuse my stupidity any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    Is your cable new or used? Every cable I've seen has clips on the side to hold it in. You probably have a defective cable.
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    Palm cables, including the new cable for the Centro, basically just snap it. it is held in by spring-loaded clips. to remove it, wiggle it side-to-side.
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    You're doing nothing wrong. I've owned the Centro for about a year with only occasional hotsycs, and I still cringe when I pull out the cable. Yes, I rock it side to side, but it takes such force that usually one side pops out alone. So I straighten it out and invariably just have to pull harder.

    I only wish they would have made the audio jack as robust as that connector.
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    Thanks all for the info, now i don't feel like I am going to destroy the pins when I pull it out. I really do wish they had put clips on it though it would feel a tad more safe if they had.
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    The Centro cable type isn't that bad. I'm using the one from my 680, though, so it may be that it's more worn in. The cradles for the m50x series were painful. Used to always hate working with them.
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    No - you are not crazy for thinking its going to break. I had a cable that died from I think my 700p. Terrible design. Thank goodness they are finally changing that with the pre, and moving to the micro usb.

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