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    I'm a power user. I hate "factory settings" and devices in "vanilla setup". So I've changed my Treo in some ways:
    -hardware mods described here(
    -ROM modifications (
    -very loaded but thought setup
    -8GB SDHC
    -own stereo headset with volume regulator

    Things that I removed from ROM:
    -mail app and its libs
    -real player and its lib
    -many smaller things (referring Shadowmite's list)
    -its also possible to remove memos,tasks and calendar, but hten you must have fresh set of PIM databases to add after hard reset. I will do it next time
    -locales other than enUS

    Things that I added to ROM:
    -DTG main app
    -graffitti anywhere (it's strange but it crashes treo frequently when not in ROM)
    -invisible (now not necessary because i discovered Changeme that has "hide" functionality"
    -keyring with libs
    -slovoed main app
    -UniCMD. A Must have. I can access every place on card even after HR
    -Zlauncher and one theme
    -progZip form palm commander
    about 400k left but I will fill it in next ROM edit

    Things that I have in memory. Some moved to card with Zlauncher (marked on list). Some other zipped in memory.
    -Uninstall manager
    -NVBackup with scheduled 7 day cycle
    -palm commander's ProgZip tool
    -Attention Grabber
    -beampro (on card)
    -cardreader (i will add it to ROM instead of Cardexport)
    -DTG - moved to card with DTGtool, only DTG database left
    -Frodo (must sit in internal memory to work). Zipped
    -googlemaps moved to card
    -Handmap (moved to card). It leaves last map in mem andYou must delete it's garbage manually every time
    -additional icons form some mid versions of Agendus (6 or 7)
    -IBM Java VM 5.7.2 from "one-file-installer with Opera hack"
    -Moepaint (moved to card)
    -openchess (zipped)
    -opera mini
    -Phoinix (moved to card with its DBs)
    -phone switch
    -piloc secured by InWatch
    -ptunes 3.16 deluxe
    -palmpdf moved to card with its own tool
    -pssh (moved to card)
    -PXA clocker set to 208 MHz
    -Resco View
    -runDA moved to card
    -ringerswitch basic
    -send to card
    -send with sms
    -sfcave moved to card
    -sntp (moved to card)
    -tcpmp moved to card
    -treohepi (only usable in Poland, recognizes GSM operator of called/caller)

    Games (all moved to card and still working, all one-file):

    And that all work together
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    400k of ROM left? do you get dbcache problems or similar? i was under the impression that you, like palm's ram/flash rom, you must leave well enough emmory to run the OS and apps. i was planning on adding tealOS and snappermail in rom but was afraid that i would run out of dbcache. also, waht version(?) of SDHC driver did you use. i replaced my treo's driver with the SDHC one but it only recognizes and use only 4GB.

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