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    Hi guys,
    I have a problam...

    i bought a 2200mah for my centro, but when i charged it ,it wont go over 1180 - witch is the capacity of the old and smaller battery...(approximately, battery.prc was used to measure charge)

    i tried "Battery reset" and it didn't work.

    what to do?
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    please guys, i need help...

    i really need to use the extended battery.

    i think the battery i full (2200mah) but the device think the cheage is 1180 so, i get zero battery when the charge reduced by 1180.

    for example:
    when the battery was 0% the device truned off. but when i removed the battery and reinserted it, it lasted 4-5 hours more.

    and all of that while i try to drain it (max usage) .

    well, how do i tell the device that my charge 2200 and not 1180?
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    Don't know if I can help you much. Who made the battery and have you tried contacting them? I think that is the first thing I would try.

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    Try Power Hero. It will cost a bit, but will tell you what you have and will let you save power as well. You can also try keyguard+. I'm sure there are lots of other programs out there that wil accurately report your battery power.
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